Filtration & Separation

SafeTech's Filtration & Separation Division plays a critical role in various industries for the optimal selection, 'design & operation' of processes to improve the overall efficiency. Filtration & Separation are vital to protect the downstream equipments and in some cases maximizing product recovery. These processes can reduce significant fraction of total operating costs in industries.



Safe Technical is one of the most trusted brands in Filtration & Separation applications. We serve industries, which include Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Offshore, Power, Water, Waste Water, Marine, Cement, Fertilizer, Food Processing, etc.



With a qualified, experienced & dedicated team of engineers’, Safe Technical consults & provides appropriate solutions to clients. Our customer base in the Middle-East includes the global EPC Contractors’, major government organizations and private companies.


We are also solution providers for skid-mounted, modular fluid process systemsThese units are fully optimized “Engineered-to-Order” packages ready to “plug and play” at your site. 


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OTC-3-02-137 : Fuel Oil Purifier

Oil Fuel

OTC-2-02-137 : Fuel Oil Purifier

Oil Fuel