Active Harmonic Filter GEN I (3 phase 4 Wire)

Technical specifications

Mains frequency: 50/60 Hz ± 3 Hz

Filter performance: Up to 50th order

Parallel operation: Up to 5 units

Response time: 300 μs

Overload capability:

(peak value)

2.5× rated compensation current

2× rated compensation current for FN 34xx-120-xxx-x

Cooling Type: Forced air cooling FN 34xx – 30/50/60/100/120-xxx-x

Forced air cooling + internal liquid cooling for FN 34xx – 200/250/300-xxx-x

Ambient temperature: 0 – 40°C with derating up to 55°C

0 – 30°C with derating up to 55°C for FN 3430-xxx-200-x, FN 34xx-60/120-xxx-x, FN 3430-300-400-4

For derating parameters please refer to the second table below (Derating parameters)

Ambient conditions:

(EN 50178)

Pollution degree: 2; Relative humidity: <95%, non-condensing, 3K3; Temperature:

Storage –25°C to +55°C, 1K3, 1K4 – Transportation –25°C to +70°C, 2K3

Interfaces: Modbus RTU (RS485), Modbus TCP/IP (Ethernet)

Altitude: 1,000 m with derating up to 4,000 m, 1%/100 m

Switching frequency: 16 KHz

Controller topology: Digital with FFT analysis

Current limitation: Nominal current

Current transformer: 50:5 to 50,000:5

Protection class: FN 34xx – 30/50/60/100/120-xxx-x Standard IP 20 (optional IP 54)

FN 34xx-200/250/300-xxx-x IP 54