EMC/EMI Filters

EMC/EMI chokes. An extensive selection of discrete EMC/EMI chokes with various inductance and

current ratings allows optimized circuitry for EMC compliance to be designed easily and economically.


Pulse transformers.They provide a proper galvanic separation between gate drive circuitry and high

voltage path in IGBT, thyristor, triac, power MOSFET and DC/DC converter circuits.


PCB filters. Very compact EMI suppression components can directly be mounted on printed circuit boards of

low-power office, medical, telecom and IT equipment, DC/DC converters and power supplies etc. Ideal low cost solution

for manufacturers who have planned for EMC compliance throughout the equipment design process already.


Power cords with locking systems for IEC inlet filters. Guarding against

accidental disconnection of all electrical appliances with an IEC inlet, no exchange or modification of the IEC inlet or IEC

inlet filter is needed. An easy retrofit for all electronic equipment and devices is possible.


IEC inlet filters / Power entry modules. All the advantages of IEC connector,

EMC/EMI filter, fuses, switch and voltage selector combined in a powerful compact all-in-one solution. Ideal for

computers, monitors and office equipment like printers and copy machines.


Single-phase and DC filters. Single-phase filters for chassis or DIN-rail mounting are key for

EMC compliance of higher power office equipment and low to medium power industrial applications. A broad selection

of electrical and mechanical features allows a specific choice and deployment for countless applications. DC filters are

specifically optimized for applications with DC supply like e.g. PV inverters.


Feedthrough components. Interference suppression up into the GHz range for high-tech

applications such as IT, telecom, server and networking equipment.


EMI measurement and EMC engineering services. In addition

to offering one of the world‘s most comprehensive ranges of standard filter products, Schaffner offers the full

complement of measurement and engineering services, along with customized product development, to support

equipment manufacturers and users.