SMARTCOLLECT PM10/20/30/40 DATA ACQUISITION AND ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM SMARTCOLLECT is a data management software which can acquire measured data in an easy manner and store the same in an open SQL database. This software offers basic functionalities for data analysis and for easy energy monitoring as well as the easy preparation and disposal of reports. Providing a mature graphic user interface, the SMARTCOLLECT software is clearly structured and easily operated. SMARTCOLLECT is modularly designed and perwiths supplementing modules or functions at any time CUSTOMER BENEFITS • Easy data communication via Modbus RTU / TCP, ECL and SmartControl-Direct • Connection also via OPC • Devices of Camille Bauer and Gossen Metrawatt are already predefined and selectable in the software • Open for the devices of all manufacturers • Data is stored in an open SQL database • Modular cost / performance model – basic version may be extended at any time COMPONENTS The SMARTCOLLECT energy management software consists of the following components: SMARTCOLLECT CLIENT SQL DATABASE MORE CLIENTS POSSIBLE SMARTCOLLECT CLIENT Graphic visualisation of queried data Export via Excel file User interface to define the data sources to be read out as well as error and warning messages via email. SMARTCOLLECT DATABASE SQL database Contains the collected data Open and unencrypted SMARTCOLLECT SERVER SMARTCOLLECT SERVER Collects and configures data from active sources and channels and writes the same directly into the central database. PM10 - BASIC MODULE Measured data can be easily acquired and stored in an open SQL database with the PM10 module. The module offers basic functionalities for data analysis and for easy energy monitoring as well as preparing and sending of reports. A sophisticated graphic user interface clearly presents the SMARTCOLLECT software and facilitates its easy operation. PM20 - POWER QUALITY The PM20 module extends the basic PM10 module by many visualising and analysing options for the system quality instruments. The PQDIFF files of the system quality instruments may be imported and converted in the database. Reports can be prepared and events analysed. PM30 - VISUALISATION The PM30 module again builds on the PM20 module and supplements it by the option of visualising plants, processes and procedures. Individual images, charts or drawings for live measured data, switching statuses and limit values may be linked and thus a SCADA System created.