Passive Harmonic Filter GEN II

Technical specifications

Nominal operating voltage 3 x 380 VAC to 415 VAC ±10%

Nominal motor drive input current rating 1.1 to 200 kW

Operating frequency 50 Hz ±1 Hz

Total harmonic current distortion THID* <5% at rated power

Total demand distortion TDD According to IEEE 519

Efficiency >98.5% for rated voltage and power

High potential test voltage P –> E 2160 VAC (1 s)

Protection category IP 00

Cooling External cooling**

Overload capability 1.6x rated current for 1 minute, once per hour

Ambient temperature range –25°C to +45°C fully operational

–25°C to +88°C transport and storage

+45°C to +70°C derated operation***

Design corresponding to Filter: UL 61800-5-1, EN 61800-5-1

Chokes: EN 61558-2-20 or EN 60076-6

Flammability corresponding to UL 94 V-2

MTBF @ 45°C/415 V (Mil-HB-217F) >200,000 hours

Earthing System TN, TT, IT