Type: 6.64


Application : Lubricating Oil, Fuel, Coolants, Alkalines, Emulsions


Maximum Capacity: 1027 m3/hr


Boll Filters consistently remove dirt particles from contaminated liquid and recycle cleaned liquid back into the process. They help to ensure the plant’s operationalsafety continuously over a long period. This saves resources, protects the environment and reduces costs. Boll Filters are the best insurance for the product and the process. 


When it comes to guaranteeing long­term trouble­free operation of internal combustion engines or processing plants, consistent operating conditions are an important factor in both cases. By protecting moving parts against wear and tear you maximize their service life. At the same time it is also important to keep wastage of operational fluids to an absolute minimum. Two aspects that play a key role here are the cleanliness of the liquid fuels, lubri­cants or coolants used and maintenance of a constant operating pressure. Automatic high performance filters are used in industry today to guarantee both these factors.

Key requirements that such filters have to meet are:
• Adequate filtering capacity
• Guarantee of purity for the filtrate
• Guaranteed integrity of system pressure
• Unsupervised 24/7 operation
• Minimum waste maximum efficiency
• Minimal maintenance and low running costs
Technical Details :
Type of Filter element: Wire-mesh candles
Nominal diameter: DN 100 - DN 400
Grade of filtration: 10 µm - 150µm
Pressure stage: PN 10/16 (DN400 only PN10)
Operating temperature: Max. 150º C
Filter housing: Nodular cast iron
Optional equipment: By-pass filter with switch-over