Type: 6.72


Application : Lubricating Oil, Fuel, Coolants


Maximum Capacity: Approx. 1000 m3/hr


The BOLL Automatic  Filter TYPE 6.72 provides excellent results for the filtration of fuels and  lubricants for mobile and stationary drives as well as for the filtration of coolants in mechanical processing  plants.
In order to ensure that large combustion engines operate for long periods of time without problems and interruptions, the fuels, lubricants have to fulfil defined quality requirements. The heavy fuel oil operation of engines also  requires an extensive pre-treatment of the fuel. In all cases, filtration plays a key role. The special filters installed in the inlet systems and liquid circuits must give :
- Capacity guaranted for the supply of sufficient amounts of liquid,
- Guaranted high degree of purity of the fuel, in order to protect the injection system against    wear,
- Designed to ensure the constant operating pressure,
- Even in the case of varying fuel qualities ensure a problem-free continuous operation and
- Maintenance-free operation and a long service life contribute to keeping operating costs low.
Technical Details:
Type of Filter element: Candle elements
Nominal diameter: DN 40-DN 80
Grade of filtration: 6 µm-200 µm
Operating pressure: PN 16
Filter housing: Nodular cast iron
Optional equipment: By-pass filter with switch-over