Type : 8.35/8.36


Application Medium: Low-viscosity Cutting oil, Grinding oil, Rolling oil, Honing oil, Grinding coolants, Petroleum washes, Oils for gears, Steel-hardening oils, Dielectrics


Maximum Capacity: Approx. 3 m3/hr


8.53/8.36 is utilized for economical operation and conservation of expensive coolants used in the machine tool industry requires  high quality of filtration. Correct maintenance and care of the coolant in central supply and dedicated supply systems has a direct influence on the service life of the coolant and on production costs. 



Technical Details:

Operating pressures: 5 - 10 bar (high pressures on request)
Operating temperature up to 120°C
Housing material: cast iron, steel, stainless steel
Flange connections: DN 50 - DN 150
Max. flow rate: 3,000 l/min
Max. grade of filtration: 5 micron
Filter aids e.g. diatomite, cellulose, rice ash or maize waste
Filter cake thickness: 6 - 12 mm
Filter candle type: candles made from CrNi steel
Filter type Radial wedge wire
Cake removal method sequential cleaning of individual candles
Control of cleaning interval: dependent on differential pressure
Regeneration time: 15 minutes