Type : 8.64/8.72


Application Medium: Lubricating Oil, Fuel, Coolants*


Maximum Capacity: Approx. 17 m3/hr


BOLL Filtrators and automatic filters have proved to be particularly successful in this field of application. They reliably separate solid particles down to a size of 10 and 6 micron. This increases the service life and operational safety of pistons, piston rings and thrust bushes, injection components as well as measurement and control instruments. Overall, this leads to a more reliable engine function and lower operating costs.
Technical Details:
Operating pressure: 1 – 16 bar
Air pressure: 5 - 7 bar
Heating: Steam or thermal oil
Consumption of compressed air: 0,02 – 0,13 Nm³/h
Filter elements 6 μm absolute, 10 μm absolute