Type: BFD-C HD


Application: Gas Filtration & Coalescing Separation


In Oil & Gas industry these filters can be used for protection of gas turbine - compressor unit. These are also available in special double block & bleed arrangement.

These filters are installed on offshore platforms and vessels for the oil production, the range of media to be filtered comprises of fuel oil, lubricating oil, injection water, produced water, utility water and cooling gas. Filtering these media is not very essential to protect water treatment facilities, engines, generators,turbines, pumps and compressors from wear and damage.


Technical Details:


Type of Filter element: Fibreglass/Stainless steel Disposable cartridges*

Nominal diameter: DN 200 (further on request)

Optionally with preliminary demister or cyclone demister
Grade of filtration: 0.1 - 250 µm
Operating pressure:  >500 bar (size and temperature dependent)
Filter housing: Carbon steel (St 45-8 / A106B)
- Stainless steel (1.4404 / 316L)
- Non-welded
- Duplex and Super Duplex Steel